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Transforming Beverage Takeout Packaging for the Better

Innovation is the key to staying competitive in the beverage industry. The 1-2-3 COFFEE BOX saves time, money, and resources. It also aligns your brand with the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging.

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SupplyOne's 1-2-3 Coffee Box is a game-changer. It's better for the environment, the consumer experience, and your bottom line.

A Beverage Packaging Solution that Saves Time, Money, and Resources

Cost Savings: The 1-2-3 COFFEE BOX uses 20-30% less packaging material resulting in significant direct costs savings.

Storage Efficiency: Compact and stackable, the innovative design requires 75% less warehouse space and 60% less shelf storage space in retail environments making storage a breeze, saving both time and money on handling and inventory expenses.

Improved Logistics: The 1-2-3 COFFEE BOX achieves 70% reduction in shipping volume with co-packed bags, 40% without co-packed bags, over traditional takeout beverage packaging resulting in substantial freight savings. 

Championing Environmental Responsibility

If sustainability is a core business value, the 1-2-3 Coffee Box demonstrates you take environmental responsibility seriously. Fully compostable, the 1-2-3 Coffee Box uses 20%-30% less packaging material, generates 75% less waste, and consumes fewer resources during production.

Enhanced Consumer Experience

Keeps beverages hot (or cold) longer.  For coffee enthusiasts, nothing beats a hot cup of coffee. That's why our coffee box comes with a unique top seal that keeps coffee hot for longer, ensuring your customers can savor every sip at the perfect temperature. 

Innovative design prioritizes safety, reducing the risk of spills over top-fill beverage boxes during pouring.

Environmental credentials help your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace & appeal to consumers' growing demand for sustainable packaging.


  • Capacity: 96 oz, 108 oz & 120 oz
  • Corrugated: E Flute
  • Bag: Metalized coffee bag
  • Spout: BLACK or WHITE
  • Packing: Co-packing (Bag provided inside the Case)
  • Print: GENERIC or BRANDED (up to 4 colors)
  • Case count: 40 Units per Case
  • Case size: 19.5” x 16.5” x 10”
  • Pallet count: 24 Cases (960 Units per Pallet)
  • MOQ Custom Print: 1 Pallet
  • MOQ Standard: 1 Carton

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Food Safe Packaging

Safety matters. The Global Food Safety Initiative has certified SuplyOne as compliant with a rigorous set of food safety standards.